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Taking Off June 11th

The Hash Flight Experience

Imagine yourself in a pristine, smoke-free ambiance illuminated by the glow of Puffco e-rigs.


We invite you to our hash flight, featuring a quintet of low-temp dabs aimed at tickling your taste buds, not just elevating your altitude. Each distinct hash/rosin cultivar, crafted by Heritage Hash is accompanied by the sage insights of our connoisseurs, guiding you through the labyrinth of aromas and flavors unique to each genetics.


At our flights expect a mixtape of Jazz, Funk, Old School Hip Hop, and Psychedelic Rock.

Sunset Houe

The Venue

Sunset House is an exclusive venue built to cater to a cosmopolitan clientele. Designed in the spirit of a lavish penthouse, this private club offers members an escape into a world of refined elegance and whimsical charm.

Formerly the London Fog nightclub, Sunset House LA boasts a rich musical history. In 1966, The Doors launched their legendary career as the house band, paving the way for their rise to fame as one of the most influential rock bands of all time. The electrifying energy & magic cultivated by the Doors continues to resonate in the House to this day.

Prmium Hash Rosin


At Hash Flight, we spotlight the craftsmanship behind top-tier water hash and live rosin, focusing on exceptional Californian producers. Each event is an opportunity to explore diverse cultivars, terpene profiles, and potency levels, educating our community on the art and science of hash.

FAQs: A Closer Look

​Why a Smoke-Free Environment? To preserve the integrity of each tasting, ensuring that aromas and flavors remain unmasked.

Dress Code? Business attire, to reflect the sophistication and respect we hold for hash.


Membership? It offers unparalleled value and experiences, with plans to enrich our offerings further (Coming soon).

Two Hash Flights will take off every 20 minutes, with 6 passengers in each flight, and will feature 5 different cultivars. A signup sheet will be available upon checking in to the event where you can pick your desired flight time.

First Class passengers will be able to take an earlier flight.

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